About Our Pastor

Pastor Steven N. Jones

August Message

Dear church,

As we close out our series on Paths, I want to remind you all of the Path we are called to walk.

As a believer or follower of Christ, we must be ever mindful of the Path we are on and the Path we

lead others down by our actions. We are all human and sometimes stumble. This does not mean

we are on the wrong Path, it’s just that we took our eyes off the Path.

Imagine if you would be walking along a wooded path and the light starts to get dim or you hear

noises around you and you look away from the path. You have never been on this Path so you

loose your footing and stumble, maybe even roll away from the Path. Do you not do anything and

everything to get back to the right Path?

This is how life is. We are all walking on a Path that God has laid out for us and sometimes we

loose our footing and stumble or fall away. The Path is the same it did not change, but our

direction was altered by a distraction. While we know these will happen we must ever strive to get

back to the True Path. Choose your direction wisely. Choose to seek Wise counsel. Choose to

know that you know that you know where to go. Go to the Bible because (G)od’s (P)ath is (S)afe is

the best GPS around.

Be in a relationship with God.

Study His word.

Share it with others.

Church have a great August and may His peace and grace not only live in you but through you.

Pastor Steve