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January Message

Dear Church,

Church as we turn the corner to 2023, I want to wish you a Happy New Year.

Happiness is found in several places, in several ways, but true-life lasting happiness only comes with knowing the Father. He is our true giver of happiness, peace, hope and joy.

As we look forward to the challenges of 2023, I already know that God has gone ahead of us and laid a path that he wants us to follow. He first and foremost wants us to be a light to our local community; to Hamilton, to the west side and to this neighborhood. He also has called us to come along- side and help missionaries across the world. We do this in many ways through continued support of the school in Peru, continued support of Paul Jones, the Torgerson family, and by supporting Open Arms Mission here in Hamilton. By supporting Camp Lebanon where hundreds of chil- dren will go this summer, some to hear for the first time about the love of Jesus and many will give their lives and experience a changed life.

As we step out in faith into 2023 we must remember the Great Commis- sion to go forth into all the world spreading the gospel of Christ. We the Jones family are very blessed to be your pastors, your shepherds and your friends. Let us live bold lives not ashamed of the gospel, not ashamed of our responsibilities and not ashamed of our God. For God so loved the world and the people of the world that he came to save us all.

Always remember God loves you and so do I. Happy New Year 2023!!
Pastor Jones