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September Message

Church, Officially we have been your Pastor as of June 1st for three months even though I have been here since March. So we have been with you for a total of 6 months and would like to take a few moments to talk about our walk together here at Millville.

As the new comers we are still learning the past of Millville, as I am working hard to move us into the future. We are a strong force no matter our age because we are walk- ing in the spirit together. We cannot look at our past and think, ok we did our part; did Paul, did Moses, did Peter, no they fought the good fight. They ran the race until God called them home.

We must not rest when the fields are ready. We must look forward to what we can do in this time, in this day. Maybe we can’t do the things we have done, but that doesn’t mean we do nothing.

We can come along side other organizations that are feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the weak, as well as coming along side each other. We are not created to go through this life alone but with other believers.

We must hold tight to God’ Word. We have to have it in our Hearts and share it. I am not a fan of holding it in your heart, because that sounds like you don’t want to share it. We must share, it is our command. Go into all the world and tell them of Jesus.

We need to be diligent of getting our friends and family the Good News. If all of your friends know about Jesus, then make some new ones and tell them. We can’t let the world be who is teaching our kids and friends about God, because trust me they are not getting to know our God but the worlds.

You all know I love to sing.

“So forget about yourself and concentrate on Him And worship Him
So forget about yourself and concentrate on Him And worship Christ the Lord

Worship Him Christ the Lord!”
We need to sing this daily! If not several times a day! We love you all and hope and pray for you daily!! Pastor Steven