About Our Pastor

Pastor Steven N. Jones

April Message

Dear church,

As we start to look at Easter and all that it means, the first thing that comes to my mind is sacrifice. God sacrificed himself. He left glory, heaven and perfection with one purpose, with one focused task at hand, the salvation of humanity. Just think of all the ways He tried, all the opportunities He gave us to become right, to become righteous and to become perfect. He gave us every opportunity to make the right choices. To be better than we are! He gave us opportunity after opportunity to see Him first, to turn from our wicked ways and choose daily to serve Him. But we as humans failed. So He had to come to redeem us back to himself. Church, every relationship requires sacrifice, but none require us to die on a tree for humanity. Being friends requires sacrifice, sometimes their likes and desires are not necessary yours. Being in a relationship requires sacrifice. Sometimes it’s her choice, sometimes it’s your choice where to go, where to eat. There is no sacrifice too large that you could ever pay God back for the sacrifice He made for you. Church, we might celebrate Christmas and happy times of the birth of our Savior, and yes I know you have to be born before you can die, but we should live in Resurrection Sunday every day of our life. For today is the day that God has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. This doesn’t say tomorrow, doesn’t say next month, or on a certain day. It says today is the day that God has made. God said on the cross, today we will be in paradise. Church, we live in that promise in the fulfillment of that promise we stand fast, ready and willing to accept that promise. But are we willing to make the sacrifice, are we willing to pick up our cross and follow him. Are we willing to die to self to live in Christ? This is my challenge for you every day of your life. Remember prayer is not the least you can do. It is the best you can do. Have a great month. Hope to see you in church. Praise God, Pastor Steven